Sutter-Meyer House

Recent Events

In August 2022, the Sutter-Meyer Farmhouse hosted five tour groups from "St. Louis Historic Sites Meetup.” The meetup group arranges tours at historic sites around St. Louis for interested members. 

Two groups toured on Friday, August 19, and another three groups toured on Saturday, August 20. The tours on Friday were led by board members Esley Hamilton and Chris Blumenhorst. The tours on Saturday were led by board members Bill Meyers and Chris Blumenhorst. Each tour group consisted of about 10 meetup members, for a total of close to 50 people who toured. 

The visitors were very pleased with the tour, asking many questions. They even gave Bill Meyers a standing ovation at the end! And the Farmhouse never looked better.

Meetup tour group members with board members Esley Hamilton and Jim Adams